AL Diplomacy Group

The Group sees the necessity of investing its human resources, so it always adheres to developing the teamwork of employees and technician through regular training programs to ensure that their skills are consistent with the latest international technologies, so that we ensure to our customer to get high quality services, then Al DiplomacyGroup observes to attain to the best services depending on (trust, quality and skillful) and create its own standard criteria for your service.

The Group seeks not only to adhere the best levels of excellence to the customers, but also to overreach such levels. In light of this effort, the Group is in continuous developing and improving in its operation processes and services and to keep the good relations between the Group and the customers. As we look forward to be in the front lines of the great international companies in terms of our different resources and the quantity of stock, as well as the group has enough stock which qualify the group to be the greatest in the middle east, so the group has established motorcar showroom at the most recent standards for all kinds of used cars in order to ensure the diversity and the desire to meet the needs of the customer

Operation office
Industrial Area No.5 Double Cola Street,
United Arab Emirates – Sharjah
P.O. Box: 6793, Sharjah – U.A.E.
Phone: +971 600 535551
Fax: (971) 6 5431244